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For the first time in Puerto Rico, I’m very proud to announce that my first book, “The Silver Linings Storybook” is officially an Amazon’s Bestselling Book!!!!

I coauthored the “Silver Linings Storybook” along with 12 coauthors where each of us share a story about how we transformed ourselves through healings, ambitions, determinations, grief and discovering yourself in the midst of turmoil and other challenging times with silver linings.

My chapter “Piano and Me”, is about awakening out of the struggles with the cruelness of being deaf in a hearing world while submerging myself into the world of piano that created in me an instrument. An instrument that led me to become the woman that I am today and a health coach with a purpose to empower women on their road to wellness.

The book is digitally available at Amazon. It became No. 1 bestselling in two paid categories. I invite you to take advantage of pre-ordering your personalized printed copy in hand by offering you pre-order option right here. As a gift for ordering now, each copy will be personally signed by me.


The book is priced at $34.

  Posted by Crisocolla Woman on Thursday, December 8, 2016


Here are what my soul friends from all over the world say about my book:

As you can see, my story “Piano and Me” has inspired many people from all over the world. I truly cannot wait for you to read my story. I want you to discover what self love is. I want you to connect with your inner #crisocolla. I want my story to inspire you to bring out the best in you. I want you to find your own happiness.

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