You might think Self-love has nothing to do with business. But I found that there is a powerful relation between self-love and your success in business.

You might have no idea why.
To help you get a better understanding, let’s start with this story…
After publishing my story for the anthology series, “The Silver Lining Storybooks” for the first time, I soon discovered that important elements of self-love such as being authentic with yourself, having high self-esteem and self-confidence play a major role as part of building your career.

Last June of 2016, I went to Canada for the Launch Book Event and I spoke in front of the small audience.
Although it was a small audience, for me, it was big enough to make me nervous to start breaking the silence, speak up and talk about my story.
What I did at that time was playing Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life over and over in my head, as I was walking slowly toward the audience. “It’s Now or Never!” I said to my self.
To be honest, at that time, it was quite challenging for me.
But, I could handled it, and as a result, I successfully became an International Speaker. And this challenging part was only a beginning of my success in business.

Now you might think what this has to do with you as a businesswoman?

Let’s take a look again at my story above.
As you can see, if I didn’t understand what self-love is, I wouldn’t be able to stand up and speak in the front of thousands of people in that room.
Perhaps, if I didn’t love myself, I’ll never able to encourage myself to write my story for the anthology series, “The Silver Lining Storybooks”. And you know it would be impossible for me to get a chance to speak in that room, and become an International Speaker.
But, because I know how to love myself which resulting in increasing my self-confidence, I was able to control myself. And as a result, I became the first International Speaker because of this simple but powerful thing: “I know how to love myself”.

If you want to be a successful businesswoman, you should stay with me. Because I want to share with you the powerful self-love habits to help you get back on track and boost your business with success.

Let’s check this out!

  1. Achieve Success in Business by Being Honest and Open with Yourself
    If you read my story [click here], you know that I have spent almost 38 years covering my deafness and pretended to act like a hearing person.
    I practiced pronouncing letters and words almost perfectly so that no one would know that I was deaf.
    Everyone in Puerto Rico thought that I was foreign. It was one of my ways to survive and yes it worked!
    I got myself access to the employment. Doing so was actually rewarding as it gave me almost 18 years. But still, no one at my job knew who I really was.
    Although, it was challenging and stressful, I even handled phone calls like a hearing person without special devices and without the help of any kinds. I handle phone calls without special technology assistance, I handled participants like a Pro.
    Well, at that time, I wasn’t being honest with myself and people around me.
    However, not being honest with myself about my deafness and to others has hurt my health and my spirit.
    Anyway, my very first business as an entrepreneur was being an Internet Marketer.
    I thought that I was creative, skillful, very talented, and I even became a perfectionist (screw me!). I was so confident in doing this business because I knew had everything in my hand to become a successful Internet Marketer. So there I did it.
    After I invested thousands of dollars for SEO service, Solo Ads and lots of Internet marketing coaching, I launched my very first business called, “best probiotics dot com” and it …went …down!
    It went down because soon I realized that was I lack one thing: authenticity.
    I was not being authentic to myself in the business world. I never told anyone yet who I really was. I was also working with something that I was not very passionate. My sparkles were not there. I was not being honest with myself and others. Again, I was wrong.
  2. How Being Honest and Open with Myself, Helps Me to Jumpstart My Career
    So one day during my trip to Canada, an old business friend and I were having a valuable conversation.
    We were talking about my “Silver Linings Storybook” which became number 1 bestseller at, my speaking opportunities, and my piano performances. Then, suddenly, she told me something that no one did in my entire life.
    She told me “Cindy, stop hiding your hearing aids. Tell the world who you really are so they will know where your talents and skills came from.”
    It was a great message and the turning point of my life.
    After many meditations and healings, I began to uncover unapologetically what has been part of my essence: my deafness.
    The next thing I knew and after I started being honest with anyone including myself, I was already attracting potential clients online, offline and even without a website.
    Look, even the small change I did in my life, could bring me great life-changing results: a new business on the rise.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to learn how to jumpstart your career by being honest and open to yourself:

Step 1: Find silence or play classical music on your phone.

Step 2: Close your eyes.
Step 3: Breathe slowly in and out from your nose four times until your mind quiets down.

Step 4: Go deep and think about who you really are behind all the ideas, masks, layers of protection and societal and familial baggage.

Step 5: Visualize letting go all those layers that do not serve you anymore

Step 6: Once you let go, say “I am sorry. Please forgive. Thank you. I love you” 5 times.

Feel the magic as your life begin to shift in a miraculous manner!

Why this self-love exercise works?
When you let go all those that do not serve you anymore and be authentic with yourself and with others, your self-love quotient increase.
And by being authentic, it means that you build your Unique Selling Proposition [USP]. If you learn marketing, you know that USP is the thing that will help you stand out in market competition. The result is, of course, it’ll be easier for you to attract potential clients that will help you gain success in your business.

Here’s a great quote which related to what I share in this article:
Being generic is a choice. If you are generic, a cog in the system, you will always be struggling – struggling to be paid fairly, struggling to get new clients, struggling to have the freedom to make a difference.” – Seth Godin (Yes, that Seth Godin), world-renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker.

That’s how by being honest and open with yourself, it can help you achieve success in your business.

This is the first of three powerful self-love habits that could help you jumpstart your career. And yes, there will be two more self-love habits we’ll cover in the next few days.

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Cindy Suarez
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