How To Become A Health Coach

Because you came to visit this page, I know you feel very passionate about wellness and health.
Perhaps more importantly, you want to help others improving their health and wellness, right?

That’s great! That’s how Crisocolla women should be.
Now, as a leader of this magical tribe, I’d love to show you how to follow your passion, and make your passion become your dream job. A dream job which can make you live more positive life (in your mind and body), as well as helping others be the scientist of their own body.

You are a supportive health coach who successfully transformed thousands of people’s life to be more healthy and wealthy. But, unlike other people who suggested some diet or exercising, you give a helpful advice and wellness program that meets your client’s needs.

Isn’t that sounds amazing? You bet it is.
In fact, that could be something you can do within a few years from now. It’s not just a dream. It’s 100% the thing that a Crisocolla women like you can do – and you can start right now.

You do? Good!
Let’s dig deeper, then!

To tell you the truth, before I become a health coach, I thought that I knew everything related to health and remedies and foods.
But, I was totally wrong!

When I started my study to become a health coach, I was shocked by the fact that there’s a lot of new things that I never knew.

It widened my eyes and my mind to see that health and wellness aren’t just about food. There were other overlooked elements that’ll blow your mind once you learned about them, and how they can affect your health, spirit, and even happiness.

Honestly, if I didn’t go into this study, The Crisocolla Project may never be born. Because what I learned after I graduated from the study, is what really helped me discover my Inner Goddess.
And after I graduated and become an authority on health and wellness, I had gotten more than what I invested. I made new best friends, I changed my lifestyle, I changed the way I eat (no more Paleo nor Vegetarian), and I also started providing some health coaching to my new clients and friends.

In short, by becoming a health coach not only it helped me learn how to be more healthy, but also completely changed my lifestyle, my career, and meet a lot of new helpful friends. I really love it!
Not to mention that you’ll also learn how to build your extremely-lucrative business that will run automatically even while you sleep. Well, that’s a great bonus you’ll get after you’re finished your study. ☺
The amazing place where I get all of those amazing things which literally changed my life forever is…

IIN is The World’s Leading Nutrition School that will teach you anything you have to learn to become a great health coach, just like other health and wellness authorities who graduated [like me] from IIN.

Once you’re enrolled in the program, you’ll learn:

  1. Innovative coaching methods. This is what will make you different to other health coaches. You’ll be inspired by the experts, and you’ll from best of the best people in this industry.
  2. Practical lifestyle management techniques. These techniques are anything you have to know to change your client’s lifestyle, which will be resulting in a completely a lot more positive life.
  3. Over 100 dietary theories (everything from Ayurveda, gluten-free, and Paleo, to raw, vegan, and macrobiotics, and everything in between.)
  4. Get a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices. It will help you to create an individualized wellness program that meets your clients’ need.

So what do you say? Do you want to start your journey in becoming a health coach as soon as today?
If so, then please click here to get started:

Are you considering enrolling but still with hesitations?
No worries. I’ve been in your shoes, and trust me, it’s perfectly normal. Why don’t you try it out before deciding? Take a simple class here or you can email me and let’s start a conversation, shall we?