We Create Customized Hair Mask –
Made & Formulated Specifically For You

Everyone’s hair is different. And your hair needs a special treatment, that’s created based on its unique characteristics. At Crisocolla, we offer you a customized hair mask that’s freshly made specifically for your hair goals, hair scalp, hair type, and your lifestyle.

Get Your Perfect Hair Mask Formula 

Question: There are so many great hair mask products on the market, why couldn’t I find one that really works for me?

Hi, my name’s Cindy Suárez.

That’s the question that inspired me to offer personal help for women who want to have a healthier and nurtured hair, with a unique formulation specifically created based on their hair’s unique characteristics.

As a professional herbalist and health coach, I know exactly how to create a special formulation using all-natural ingredients that will work for your hair.

I take into account everything about your hair, from your hair problems to your hair characteristics, the environmental factors and lifestyle factors [including your hormonal balance], and of course the length and texture of your hair… so that the hair mask I created will work for you + bring the result you want.


And to help you get even better results, I’ll also provide you with personalized tips on how to optimize your hair health.

You’re right… This is an all-in-one solution to get healthy and gorgeous hair you want.


Yes, You'll Get a Real Hair Analysis!

We do realize there are some websites that are doing hair mask questionnaire and the responses are automated using an algorithm.

This is NOT one of them.

I, Cindy, will manually analyze each answer with integrity and better yet, by using my herbalism, health coach, and clinical social work approaches.

  • I’ll use my 20 years of social work approach because even stress, lack of work, or family issues can affect hair health.
  • I’ll use my 19+ experience as a professional health coach to analyze if there’s a lifestyle or environmental factor that affects your hair health.
  • And I’ll use 10+ years of experience as an herbalist to formulate your hair mask.

Obviously, it’ll take longer to get you the result of your hair analysis than what an algorithm can do. But you do prefer to work with a real human, or more specifically an expert who knows exactly what’s the right solution for your needs, right?

We Believe In Clean & Responsible Beauty

To create your hair mask, we prepared more than 30 natural ingredients, which are ethically harvested from every corner of the world. 

They are all high-quality natural ingredients that are working very well for treating hair problems and nurturing hair. 

Click here to see all the ingredients we use

As you can see, all of them have been commonly used for treating the hair for a long time. They are all high-quality natural ingredients that are working very well for treating hair problems and nurturing hair. 


However, the magic is not only on the ingredients we use. Instead, the magic is in the formulation that we’ll create for you. 

Yes, in our customized hair masks, the results you want could be achieved faster because of the perfect combination of each ingredient that is carefully selected based on your hair type, your scalp, your hair goals and your lifestyle. 


This is why we’re so confident you’ll absolutely love the result! 

Get The Result You Want Faster

The magic is not only on the ingredients we use.

It’s the formulation that will determine the outcome.

With the right formulation, you can see for yourself how the hair mask could help you solve all your hair problems quickly.

Not just that.

You’ll also see how it also nurtures your hair, making your hair healthier and more gorgeous as you keep using the hair mask.

Easy To Use, Easy To Rinse

Using your customized hair mask is easy. 

Simply apply directly to the scalp and hair once or twice a week. 

For a regular treatment, all you need is 2 minutes for massaging your hair and 10 minutes to wait so it can do the magic.  

For Deep Treatment: 

Leave hair mask for 60 minutes to 6 hours then rinse it gently with shampoo.

Take Your Hair Questionnaire, Today!

It’d only take about five minutes to complete your hair questionnaire.

After that, you’ll get more understanding of your hair problems and you’ll know the exact solution you need.

There’s no one size fits all because everyone’s hair is different. Yet, the wrong formulation can damage your hair, even if it uses natural ingredients.

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