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Aside from playing piano, writing, and helping people, one of the things which always passionated me is traveling. I always love each of every moment I spent in new amazing places I visited.

Sometimes it feels like I was born to be an adventurer. If I were born back in the 1500s, I guess I’ll be an adventurer… and maybe I’ll be called as Captain Cindy. LOL!

I always feel good and present when I discover new places that I never visited before.

Whenever I visited some new places, my heart always pumps faster since the first time I step out of the plane. Five minutes later, I found myself in a rush to the hotel, waiting to start my magical adventure.

Capella di Santa Agata

One of my best adventures is when I visited Barcelona, Spain (You’re lucky if you live in this wonderful yet reminiscing city).


When I visited Barcelona for the first time, I was amazed by almost every part of this city, especially the architectural buildings. There were even classical music in every corner. I am so happy as this was my first European trip and I enjoyed every second of it.


Just look at the video below and observe how beautiful these spanish women dressed in flamenco-style, sang and walked heir way through the famous downtown, Las Ramblas. Even though I couldn’t read their lips as they were walking too fast, I really felt their high energy frequency. Their vibes made me smile. I even felt like I was part of their tribe too.


I love Barcelona’s iconic water fountains especially at night when the lights make it even look more wonderful. Watching the water pouring out, is like the ambrosia of the eternity pouring continuously into the open land of time.

love for travel

And of course, the street arts! Although there are other cities who had wonderful street arts, but Barcelona’s street arts are still the best for me.

Anyway, you might be wondering why I write about my love for travel on this self-love website.

You might be saying something like “Okay, so you travel a lot? That’s good. But, hey! What’s the relation between traveling and self-love?”

Hold on! We’re not there yet. I’ll give you the answer in a short time.

But first, you must know: Traveling (a lot) is one of the best ways to express your self-love, and of course, strengthen your mind and soul.

And that’s not all!

To me, after I travel to new places several times… I found that my love for travel is also the key to happiness. Seriously.

It also how I start my self-discovery. Yep, just like in Eat, Pray & Love.

Have you watched that movie, anyway?

If so, you know that Liz (the main character) find the true pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy, learn the hidden power of prayer in India, and finally, she’s discovering the inner peace and balance of true love in Bali.

That’s a great movie for you who want to learn more about self-love. So watch it if you haven’t watch it yet.

Back to the topic, I know it’s hard to believe me unless you already experienced it by yourself. But, I’ll give you the reason why I said like that.

Keep reading, and check these out!

Top 5 Reasons Why Traveling is the Key to Self-Love

1. I discover new unknown places, meet new people there, and it allows me to learn more about myself.

Like I wrote above, I always loved to visit some new places that I never visited before. At first, it just because I want to escape from my daily routine. You know, visiting new places could freshen and detox our mind, right?

But, after I travel to a lot of places, I began to learn more about myself.


It’s because, in a new place, you are provided a space, time and opportunity to heal and revive yourself in meaningful and productive ways. You enjoy your own company and you meet new people. And the more people you meet, the more personality you know.

In psychology, to learn more about yourself, you have to learn a lot of people’s personality. Interestingly, without realizing, I did that by traveling to a lot of places.

I finally know how to be a better person by learning from the personality of good people I met. On the other hands, because I met so many people with not-so-good personality on my vacation, I’m able to stop judging others, understand more and simply smile contagiously.

2. You challenge yourself in each of your new journeys, and it’ll boost your self-esteem feeling empowered.

Being a stranger in a new place, you must learn how to adapt to that new place quickly. It’s a challenge for you because it means you must leave your comfort zone — especially if you are deaf or travel alone.

At first, it may be hard for you. But, after you go to new places for several times, you’ll find it’s much easier.


It’s because you have a higher self-esteem and self confidence than the first time you went on vacation. You activate your mindfulness and you’ll no longer feel awkward when talking with a stranger. So for example, finding the best place to stay will no longer be a problem for you.

Even, you’ll always feel like home in every place you visit — because you know how to easily socialize with people.

3. Enjoy your life more by eating new foods — the healthier and tastier foods

Just like “Eat Pray Love”, Liz finds her true pleasure of nourishment in Italy. If you want to love yourself more than before, you have found “your own Italy” — just like Liz.

As for me, I love tasting new and healthy foods, which is why traveling always satisfy myself. Because I always find new foods that intuitively intrigue me. This is how I express and strengthen my self-love. Of course…always mindful of what I  put in my mouth and keeping my immune response intact and nourished. More on that on the next blog post.


4. Travel makes you become more observant, helps you to stay present and practice mindfulness – simultaneously.

So far, I found that travel makes me become more observant, so I can stay aware and mindful almost all the time.


By living in a new place I have to force my mind to stay present so I can observe the new place, and be more aware of anything around me. You have to do it if you don’t want something bad happens on your vacation. Especially, if you’re being a woman or deaf and travels alone.

Surprisingly, it helps me to stay present and practice mindfulness at the same time. Also, it provides me the time to think about how to strengthen or regulate certain emotions for greater well-being. So yes, it literally changes myself and I love it!

5. Travel is self-therapeutic.

After I traveled to a lot of new places, I found that from time to time, it has changed myself for the better.

I’d like to say that Travel is a self-therapy. Think of every trip is a session of therapy that’ll make you better. Your mind will be freshened, your inner self will grow stronger, and you’ll practice mindfulness when you start an adventure in a new place.

Furthermore, at the end of every session which is when you came back from vacation, you’ll enjoy the personal growth after reminiscing your travel experience. And because of personal growth, you will automatically discover unfulfilling relationships where ties need to be severed and communication needs to ends or be kept at minimum.  Believe me, it’ll make you love yourself even more than before.

And that’s probably why I recommend you to go travel whenever you had a time. Just leave your home, and be an adventurer in a place you never visited before. Trust me, you’ll love it 🙂

That, my soul friend, the reason why I said travel is intimately related to self-love… which is why I created a special section about my love for travel on this website.

Of course, I’ll write more article about it in the future. So stay tuned for every new post I publish.

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So what do you think about Travel and Self-love? Do you have your own opinion?

You do? Good!

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