Our Founder

Cindy Suárez born and raised in New York, but spend most of her life surrounded by the beauty of nature in Puerto Rico. Despite she was diagnosed with deafness at 3-year-old, she has been playing piano since 5-year-old.

Because of her deafness, Cindy faced many social bullyings and because of daily stress, she dealt with many health issues. Now she’s living as a happy and empowered woman who embraced the true power of self-love.

Cindy holds a bachelor’s degree in General Social Sciences, a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work. She is also an herbalist and holds a Certificate in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching and have years of experience in dealing with hair, body, and skin problems.

Her favorite quote is “To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”—Robert Morley. 

When she’s not coaching or clicking away on her MacBook, you can find her out enjoying nature, hanging out with her husband, drinking her famous Protein-Packed Smoothie, stretching her way through yoga, training her new service dog or dancing salsa.

“Nature can be a powerful healing force for all of us, only if we realize it and harness it for our own benefit.”
Cindy Suárez

Handmade Organic Products For All Your Hair Needs

Whether you’re looking for an organic product to nourish your hair, body and soul we have a natural solution for you. Our products are designed and handcrafted to ensure they work safely and effectively for everyone.

Ready To Experience All The Goodness Of Nature?

If you’re ready to start experiencing all the benefits that nature can offer to you, which will eventually make your hair shine inside and out, we’d be more than happy to provide the best service to you. 


Handmade Hair Care Products – Made & Developed By An Experienced Expert


Crisocolla is a brand of natural, handcrafted hair care products by Cindy Suárez. All the products were developed and handcrafted by Cindy, a professional health coach, herbalist and clinical social worker with years of experience in the healthy living world, so you can trust they’re among the finest products you can find.