Our Story

Crisocolla natural hair care products wouldn’t be available today if it’s not because of a life-changing journey experienced by its founder, Cindy Suárez. Many people know her today as a respected Health Coach that’s well known, especially in her home country, Puerto Rico.


But what some people don’t know is she used to struggle with hair loss due to the harmful chemicals and the constant bullyings for being deaf in the hearing world.

Yes, Cindy started to experience hair loss every day since she was 9-year-old. Every time she brushed her hair, more and more strands fell out. This problem continued to happen for years until Cindy started to changed her lifestyle.

As soon as she started her holistic lifestyle, she could finally free from the hair problems she used to suffer. And with Crisocolla, she wanted to encourage everyone to start living healthily by start using all-natural products.

She knew that Mother Nature has provided everything we need to nourish our body, mind, and soul. And through her experience using natural products, she understood how natural products are actually able to work more effectively than products that contain harmful chemicals.

Now, with Crisocolla, Cindy wanted to help thousands of women re-connect with Mother Nature, by start using only organic products. With her expertise, she can provide you with organic beauty products, which developed and handcrafted by Cindy herself.

What’s The Meaning Of Crisocolla?

Crisocolla <kri-sow-cow-luh> is the name of Cindy’s inner Goddess. The name comes from a beautiful blue-green gemstone-quality hydrous copper silicate called Chrysocolla that signifies the empowerment of feminine energies.

Crisocolla came to Cindy with a peaceful energy that surrounded herself and making her felt reborn and awakened. 

The first time she met her was during one of the most important moments of her life: her alignment was completed after a long journey of self love.

She’s the representation of true beauty, who guided Cindy in connecting and embracing the healing force of Mother Nature.


Handmade Hair Care Products – Made & Developed By An Experienced Expert