Crisocolla Hair Mask – All-natural Hair Mask to Detox, Rehab and Regain Every Strand of Your Hair.



  • Made from natural and organic ingredients. Handmade hair mask comes with 45 organic and natural ingredients to stimulate and strengthen your follicle.
  • 100% safe to use.  You can rest assured knowing this product is parabens free, sulfates free, mineral oils free, alcohol-free, polyethylene free, just natural and high quality ingredients.
  • Easy to use. Apply this product directly to the scalp and hair twice a week. For a regular treatment, all you need is 2 minutes for massaging your hair and 30 minutes to wait so it can do the magic. And for deep treatment: leave hair masque for 4-8 hours..
  • Safe and suitable for all hair type.
  • A myriad of benefits. The mask stimulate and strengthen your hair follicle – fights premature graying – has antiseptic: anti fungal and antimicrobial properties – stimulates hair growth –  makes hair silky and shiny –  detoxes – purifies –  balances scalp –  removes scalp building –  fights hair loss and hair thinning –  prevents breakage –  eliminates frizz – nourishes the scalp – moisturizes – It is rich in vitamins: proteins: minerals. Treats eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and dry scalp. What else can you ask for?
  • Ingredients: Manuka honey, Jojoba oil*, Aloe vera*, Grapeseed oil, Peppermint oil, Bergamot oil, Rosemary oil, Ylang Ylang oil, Lemongrass oil, Cedarwood oil, Lavender oil, Coconut oil*, Black castor oil, Spirulina*, Cacao butter,* Shea butter*, Emu oil, Cinnamon, Activated charcoal powder, Evening Primrose oil, Carrot seed oil*, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil*, Flaxseed Oil*, Cacao Butter*, Egyptian black seed*, Apricot oil, Jasmine oil, Orange oil, Geranium oil, Australian tea tree oil, Neem seed oil, Frankincense oil, Jasmine oil, Distillates of neroli oil, Distillates of rose oil, Olive oil*.

*PLEASE NOTE: Each order takes 24-48 hours to create, package, and pack order. This does NOT include time in transit, the date it is ordered, or the date it’s shipped).


If you’re looking for a treatment to fix your damaged hair, to boost your hair, to stop hair loss, to stimulate hair growth, to eliminate dandruff or to add shine to your hair… or you’re looking for vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants to nurture, detox, hydrate maintain and protect your beautiful hair, then this is probably the best thing you are looking for.

Here’s why:

This Crisocolla Hair Mask can do both –to fix, nurture, detox and protect your hair. 

Guess what… this Hair Masque is carefully handmade with love 💜 in Puerto Rico – not a crappy product from China which contains tons of harmful chemicals that might hurt your health in the long run. 

And thanks to its natural ingredients, it’s 100% safe to use for anyone (Did I mentioned you it’s color safe, too?)

Made By Professional Health and Lifestyle Coach.

Cindy Suárez, MSW, Certified Health Coach

In case you’re wondering why this product is guaranteed to be an all-natural product with no harmful material at all… the answer is: Cindy, the founder of Crisocolla is the creator of this product.

If you never heard about her before, she’s a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and she knew exactly why we should always avoid harmful materials.

A few years back, she was a lot like you. She also suffered hair loss and dandruff, just like other women at her age.

Soon after she started studying health coaching, she discovered the shocking facts that the root causes of her hair loss couldn’t actually be solved by consuming natural supplements only. 

Yet, she also realized that the ‘ordinary’ hair shampoo we used are actually the root causes of our hair problems – because of the harmful materials like ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureate sulfate.

These are the main reasons why Cindy decided to create this product, with one single purpose: To help you have that stunning healthy hair you always dreamed of.

All-Natural Ingredients Are Here To Protects And Rehabs Your Hair.

You will never ever find the most natural mask hair, except Crisocolla Hair Masque… that comes with all 45 natural ingredients to solve all your problems.

It also contains no wheat nor nuts, which means it’s also safe for you who have an allergy.

While other products have side effects, Crisocolla Hair Mask is 100% safe to use.

Have you ever heard about products that should not be used often? Yes, they contain toxic chemicals in their products that can harm your health. But not with Crisocolla Hair Mask.

You can rest assured knowing this product is parabens free, sulfates free, mineral oils free, alcohol-free, polyethylene free, just natural and pure ingredients.

What’s more, if you’re Crisocolla women, you know it’s not a good idea to fill your body with harmful material. That’s not the way of self love.

With this product, there’s really nothing to worry about. It allows you to nurture your body without doing anything that would hurt yourself – ever.

Easy To Use, Easy To Rinse.

Simply apply start applying 1 tablespoon of Hair Masque directly to the scalp and hair. Repeat applying another tablespoon until your hair is fully covered with Hair Masque. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo. Can be applied to wet or dry hair. Use twice a week. For a regular treatment, all you need is 2 minutes for massaging your hair and 5 minutes to wait so it can do the magic. And for deep treatment: leave hair mask for 4-8 hours then rinse it gently.

Doesn’t Matter Who You Are, Crisocolla Hair Mask Is Made For Everyone.

Let’s face it…

It’s important to know the product first before you use it. Because some products may not suitable for several types of hair. And sometimes it ends badly for your hair. 

And for you who have colored hair, I agree that it should be treated in a special way. And choosing a hair mask is sometimes like a gamble, whether you end up like a princess with beautiful hair or the worst is like a wizened witch.

Good news is, Crisocolla Hair Mask is suitable for all type of Hair – even for your colored hair! There’s literally nothing to worry about. The natural ingredients are the reason why it’s so safe for any type of hair. (Yes, even colored hair)

Your hair won’t end up become a mess once you use it, instead, you can see by yourself it become stronger, filler, and shiny just like what you’ve dreamed.

Nature has everything you need, here are the lists of all benefits you get with a natural hair mask.

  • Healthy hair
  • Stop Hair loss
  • Simulate scalps and follicles
  • Nurture your follicles
  • Detox your scalps
  • Shiny hair
  • No sebum buildups
  • Soft and no frizz
  • No flyaways
  • Grow healthy
  • Strengthen hair

In other words, you are fully rehabilitated and fully protected!

That being said… if this is what you’re looking for, there’s no logical reason not to try this product right now.

So what do you say?

Are you ready to unleash your true inner beauty?

If so, then start by nurturing your hair, the crown of glory to all women – and this hair mask is hands down the most important thing you need.

Click the Add to Cart now on the top of the page to get your hands on Crisocolla Hair Mask, and prove by yourself how it could help make your hair filler, thicker, healthier, and looks a lot more beautiful than before!


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