Crisocolla Scalp Massaging Brush

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It helps support hair growth and strengthen the hair. It works miracles for getting rid of debris and dandruff. Best of all, it makes serums and hair products work up to 2X more effectively! Get one and see why thousands of people are using Scalp Stimulating Brush every day.


Whether you want to strengthen your hair, grow thicker and longer hair, or get rid of dandruff, this could be the product you’ve been looking for.

Not only that, our scalp massaging brush allows serums and hair products to work more effectively — up to 2X more effective!

Scientific Facts

A 2016 Japanese study found that regular scalp massage resulted in increased hair thickness within just 24 weeks.

Studies also found scalp massager proven to work for exfoliating the scalp, which helps for deep cleaning your hair from debris and dandruff.

And scientists agree that scalp massage brushes help to stimulate the cells within the scalp, causing blood flow to increase and promoting the distribution of nutrients throughout the scalp and hair roots… which is why it can make serums and hair nutrients work more effectively.

Use it regularly, and you’ll see…

  • Hair loss reduced
  • New hair strands start to grow
  • Hair grows thicker and longer than ever before
  • Scalp become less oily and free of dandruff
  • And you’ll experience the benefits of hair serum and other hair products faster

All this could happen within just a few weeks.

It’s so easy to use

  • You can simply use it alone every day.
  • …Or you can use it along with your Crisocolla’s Hair Growth Serum, Crisocolla’s Complete Recovery Hair Mask, Custom Hair Mask, or your favorite shampoo for a more relaxing experience in or out of the shower.

Why choose Crisocolla’s Scalp Massage Brush?

We take the conventional scalp massage brush design to the next level, by designing an ergonomic handle and uneven brittles to better fit your scalp.

On top of that, we use Non-Toxic Silicone for the bristles to make sure it’s 100% safe for you, regardless of your hair type and condition:

  • Color-treated, keratin treated, chemically-treated, and relaxed hair.
  • Fine, Medium, and Thick
  • Straight, Curly, Wavy, and Coily hair.

Suggested Use:

Apply your favorite shampoo, Crisocolla’s Hair Growth Serum, or Crisocolla’s Complete Recovery Hair Mask as usual, and distribute throughout the scalp and hair, while gently pressing the rubber tips to the scalp with medium pressure and massage. 

Repeat the process on all areas of the scalp. 

You can use it on wet or dry hair, with or without product. Avoid doing large circular motions to prevent tangling.


  1. What happens if I massage my scalp every day with the scalp massaging brush?
    Massaging your scalp every day will enhance blood circulation and strengthen your follicles to promote hair growth.
  2. How long should I massage my scalp for hair growth with the scalp brush?
    Massage your scalp for 5 minutes every day for 4-6 months to start seeing results such as stopping hair loss.
  3. What is the difference between a plastic scalp brush and Crisocolla Scalp Therapy Massaging Brush?
    A plastic massage brush is a hard-plastic device that may hurt your scalp. It’s like scratching your scalp, instead of massaging your scalp. Whilst, our scalp brush is made of semi-hard non-toxic silica that’s soft and safe for your hair and scalp. Plus, it comes with an ergonomic handle that’s super comfortable and made in a one-piece design so that it won’t retain water.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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