Personalize Your Hair Mask 5 oz

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An all-natural hair mask personalized by YOU. Formulated and freshly made by US.

  • Formulated specifically for your hair type, your hair goals, your hair scalp, and your lifestyle. Freshly made with ? by Cindy Suarez.
  • Experience the healing force of nature to detox, rehab, nurture, protect, and/or regain every strand of your hair. A natural way to make your hair healthier, stronger, and more gorgeous.
  • Made with 33 natural and organic ingredients, which are ethically harvested from every corner of the world.
  • No chemicals and no water added.
  • You personalize it and we create formulas for you. Just for you!
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Hair Mask Personalized By You. Just For you.

Everyone’s hair is different.

That’s why a hair mask that works for other people, doesn’t work for you.

Your hair needs the right treatment, which is created based on its unique characteristic, the problems you’re experiencing, and your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find the right cosmetic.

Most people have to try various products before they could find the right one, which of course, could add damage to their hair due to using the wrong products too often.

This problem is what inspired Cindy Suarez, a professional herbalist, and health coach, to offer personal help for women who want to have a healthier and nurtured hair, with a custom hair mask that’s made with a unique formulation specifically created based on your hair’s unique characteristics.

To create your personalized hair mask, she takes into account everything about your hair including…

Your hair characteristics
Your hair problems and goals
The environmental factors you get exposed to
And lifestyle factors like hormonal balances

As a result, not only you’ll have the right treatment that’s 100% safe for your hair, but also will help you get the results you want faster.

You’ll see for yourself how the hair mask could help you solve all your hair problems quickly.

…And you’ll also see how it also nurtures your hair, making your hair healthier and more gorgeous as you keep using the hair mask.

Using the hair mask is simple:

  • Apply directly to the scalp and hair once or twice a week
  • For a regular treatment, all you need is 2 minutes for massaging your hair and 10 minutes to wait so it can do the magic.
  • For a deep treatment, leave the hair mask for 60 minutes to 6 hours then rinse it gently with shampoo.

To summarize, here’s everything you’ll get when you order today:

Online hair consultation, which allows you to understand better of your hair condition
Custom hair mask that’s specifically made for you – only for you
Personalized tips you can follow to optimize your hair health


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