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How a deaf woman who always been laughed, hurt and bullied for more than 30 years… suddenly become a successful bestselling author, a Health Coach and a Life Transformation Coach after being reconnected with her Inner Goddess. Discover the key to unleash the true power of self-love that attracts happiness, joy, success, and love into your life.

Dear soul, Did you always feel sick all the time? Are your hormones always out of WHACK? Did you often compare yourself to other women, and it is always dragging yourself down? When you look in the mirror, did you tend to focus on your flaws? Did you always see yourself as someone who isn’t good enough, and couldn’t achieve success in love, health, and career? And did your inner self want to feel vibrant and alive, but you feel so off track even after facing the great adversity?

In fact, I used to be there for more than 30 years. And I truly knew that it was no fun at all. Yes, before I became a writer of a bestselling book which reached #1 in two paid categories on Amazon, as well as became a successful Lifestyle and Health Coach, I used to be a lot like you — or maybe worse than you. Here’s the sad story of my old life and I guess it isn’t a common story for you. It was started on that day when I was thrown into the water by my bully high school classmates. That was the day I started to lose the sparkles and joy in my life…. …And it lasted for more than 30 years. I was constantly being worried about me being hurt and laughed by my friends and people I met everyday, and it led me to develop severe insecurities. It felt like the world wasn’t a safe place for me anymore. I’d rather stayed home and play my piano, instead of having fun outside with my friends. Then I suddenly became a people pleaser who wanted to be accepted and being loved by other people. And yes, it led me to worse situations where I wasn’t able to say what I truly want or say no because I feared of being rejected. It even affected my health – non-stop anxiety, hair loss, gynecological surgeries, acne, irregular periods, active thyroid, and the list goes on. I even couldn’t stand myself looking in the mirror because I was reminded of the society that I looked abnormal and mentally incapable.

For more than 30 years I had to camouflage my hearing aids and my deafness just to gain access to the hearing world and be socially accepted as a ‘normal person’ and not being hurt and laughed again.   One day, I intuitively felt the need to initiate a long self-journey that could help me learn who I authentically am. Along the journey, I discovered that there are so many things in my life that have led me to disconnect myself from my inner goddess for a long period of time; they have to be fixed. Fortunately, my life suddenly becomes better not long after I started my self-journey. Yep, I learned to love myself unconditionally. I even became an official Amazon Bestseller for anthology series “The Silver Linings Storybook”, and my story – titled “Piano and Me” – was put in the feature position… …and best of all, my piano is back to my life after years of absence. Piano was the reason that all my skills and talents were developed. It created in me an instrument of healing.

  When words fail, piano speaks and heal my heart. #crisocollawoman #pianothehealer #selfcare Posted by Crisocolla Woman on Sunday, January 14, 2018

I even felt healthier as I experienced no more hair loss, no more active thyroid, I changed my eating lifestyle twice, no more hot flashes, no more weakness, no more stress, no more worrying about my weight and no more gynecological surgeries. My spiritual alignment has completed. The magic didn’t stopped right there, I was able to travel to Canada and became an International Speaker for the first time in my life… …I felt so proud of myself. HOWEVER…. While I was writing my story, at the same time, I was releasing traumas that I buried deep in my mind and in my heart. I cried and I cried again. There was nothing I can do but to keep on writing until I released everything. To be honest, I was feeling mentally tired after finishing my story.

But soon after that… The life-changing day finally came into my life. One day, I was walking down the beach, and suddenly something pushed me to look down on the sand. I saw my own shadow but it was totally different. I realized there was something hidden behind the shadow. What I saw is my inner light. It was so pure. It was so beautiful. It was so peaceful. I felt like I was born again. That, my dear friend, is the time when I finally reconnected to my inner Goddess and named her, Crisocolla.

  • I can love my self unconditionally and stop being lousy about myself. I always feel good whenever I see myself in the mirror — even deafness now is my best friend.
  • As a resilient woman, I could handle any adversity in different forms that life throws at me. It feels like I’m a lot stronger than before. No matter how bad the situation is, I always able to keep calm and smile widely.
  • I became mindfulness, more focused, and more relaxed rather than tired and anxious. It allows me to find the way to achieve success in love, health, and career. My life has finally back on the right track again after being lost in a darkness of life for more than 30 years.
  • My deafness became my best friend.
  • And many more…

But more importantly, my Inner Goddess has attracted me to play piano once again after years of absence in music, which resulting in my energetic frequency that been elevated immensely.



It even allows me to attract more wonderful friends from around the world.

Not long after that, The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project was born!

The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project was created to help you reconnect with your own Inner Goddess, and help you discover the key to unleash the true power of self-love that attracts happiness, joy, success, and love into your life. In fact, self-love is the vital key to the door of living well. It influences who you choose to be your mate, how to nurture your body, how well you’re doing your work, and how you handle any adversity that happen in your life. In short, it’s so important to learn self-love if you truly wanted to magically transform your life. And The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project is the medium I use to teach you and millions of woman around the world to learn and unleash the limitless power of self-love.

  • Learning how to love & honor yourself sincerely and meaningfully so you can stop feeling lousy about yourself and completely transform your life into a more positive life.
  • Building fulfilling relationships. Life is too short to spend without joy and happiness that you share with people you loved and who loved you back. 
In this program, I’ll show you how you can get more friends who’ll be there to bring joy and happiness into your life, and embrace yourself when you’re feeling down.
  • Furnishing you with greater resilience and confidence so you can stay strong even in the toughest situation. You’ll be able to handle any criticism and negativity that people throw at you.
PLUS there will be no more fear of being rejected, laughed, hurt, and bullied. You can express yourself freely, and you’ll feel a lot happier after you learn it.
  • Improving focus and personal effectiveness.
  • In this program, I’ll guide you to discover and unleash your untapped inner potential that will help you to achieve your goal and being more successful in your career.
This is the important thing you need to learn if you want to be financially successful.
  • Developing a deep sense of self-awareness and direction in life. I’ll teach you how to find most important goals in your life, and plan an effective strategy to achieve your goals… which results in being able to achieve success in love, health, and career.
  • Learning how to nourish your mind and body so you can always be healthy inside your mind and body. I’ll show you how to eat the right food so you can have a better shape or a healthier body, your female hormonal balance will be back on track with more mental clarity and more energy.
PLUS you’ll be able to stand up proudly, so there will be no more people pleasing — only more self-love.
  • Finally, discovering your ‘ingenuity’ and learning to celebrate your personality that will lead you to a successful life in your career, health, love, and other important aspects of your life.

There are five modules inside The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project e-course which includes all of those things written above, and all other important things that I learned along my long self-journey. And unlike other similar programs you could find on the internet, throughout the five modules of The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project, we will implement small changes over time to help you actualize your goals, which is far more effective than trying to do it all at once. Check these out: For each Module, you’ll get:

  • A detailed video presentation
  • Printable lessons + worksheets written in e-book format

As you can see, I want to help you who want to completely transform your life into far more positive life. However, I know that a question like this still exists in your mind: “Is it really worth it to try The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project? Is it true that it could change my life?You bet it can! Just listen to what other women say after reconnecting with their inner goddess:


Are these women any different than you? No, they are not. They used to be like you before they join The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project. The only thing they did was put their doubts aside… and encourage themselves to join The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project. If you, too, can simply put your doubt aside, you can see for yourself what it’s like to being completely re-born again by reconnecting yourself with your Inner Goddess.

Listen: It took me 38 years to realize it and you don’t have to wait 38 years to get the tools that you need to start reconnecting with your inner goddess. Besides, there is only one of you and you are the only person that can decide to allow yourself to love you a little more. If you decide to practice more self-love, watch how your happiness increases and love, joy, kindness, and compassion will come your way even more. Love is a powerful thing and so is self-love… give some love to you and let yourself shine!

Did you want to stop feeling lousy about yourself and know that something needs to be changed? If so, let me help you make that happen. Let’s fulfill your life with the divine power of self-love and let yourself shine again! But remember, there are no refunds at all. Yes, I do this because I don’t want to help people who aren’t seriously want to join The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project. So if you aren’t serious about this, then simply don’t try it. There are others un-serious and free self-love program you could find on the internet. I thought that’s a better choice for you.

HOWEVER, I have a strong guarantee for you: I guarantee that if you can’t encourage yourself to follow my advice, your life won’t be changed, you’ll always hate yourself, and you’ll still be the one who always being laughed, bullied, and hurt. I know this because I used to be like you for more than 30 years. Listen, I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a certified Integrative Health Coach and a professional Life Transformation Coach, and I stake my reputation on my promises. Perhaps more important, I’m a woman who used to be like you — and I honestly want to help you to live a more enjoyable and peaceful life.


So get off the fence now! Click the link below to enroll in The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project. Click “Add to Cart” button on the top of the page, to join The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project!! Sincerely, 👑Cin


If you order today, I’m willing to give you more than just that mega-valuable self-love course. Secondly, feel free to choose one of these two valuable bonuses:


But again, it’s free if you enroll in The Crisocolla’s Self-Love Project right now.

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