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I’m Cindy, and Crisocolla.com is a blog where I celebrate self-love, explore living well and inspire ten thousands women from all over the world to put on their love glasses on and reconnect with their inner goddess.

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After many months of trials and errors and lot of elbow-greasing 💪🏼, I officially started blogging on January 6, 2018. I built Crisocolla.com all …by…my…self and with lot of self-love, ambition, persistence and confidence!

I earned a Bachelor in General Social Science, a Master Degree in Clinical Social Work, 25+ years in piano performances. Then I got trained as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in March 2016 with a purpose to quit my 8-4 full time job and pursue a career as a full time blogger, a health coach and a life transformation coach. If you’d like more information about the Health Coach Program and start a career in the health and wellness world, click here and get your free sample class before deciding.

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Founder of Crisocolla

Lic. Cindy Suárez Clinical Social Worker, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach