When I was 9 years old, I started to experience hair loss every day.


Yes, me…so young! Every time I brushed my hair, more and more strands fell out.
On this post, I’ll tell you a story of how I struggled with a very bad hair loss condition, and successfully regain hair with a treatment that I bet, unlike what you’ve learned anywhere.

For you who are facing the same problem with me right now, you can learn some important lessons.

It’s not just about what I did to regain my hair and stop hair loss, but also learn how I keep encouraging myself to never give up and keep finding the solution for my hair problem.

So take a cup of hot organic anti-stress tea , give your full attention, and let’s get back to my story…

Back at that time, there were days that more than 200 strands of hair loss per day. It was unbearable to watch. I am not joking!

At first, I’d thought the reason behind this was because of drying my hair with an 80s version of hair blower, almost 3-4 times a week.

When I moved to Puerto Rico with my family, I continued to experience hair loss during my adolescent stage.
My mother decided to take me to a dermatologist. And after several clinical examinations, Doctor Maldonado diagnosed me with low hemoglobin (due to monthly heavy menstrual flows that lasted more than a week), dandruff, and finally, prescribed me Rogaine for Women. He prescribed me a monthly supply of iron pills and suggested that I use Head & Shoulder for my dandruff. I took FerroPlex to boost hemoglobin every day (not to mention daily and severe constipation as a secondary effect). I topically applied Rogaine on my scalp every single day. As I recall, I couldn’t interrupt the treatment and was instructed by my dermatologist to apply it every day or otherwise, I would lose my new hair within weeks.

Within the seventh months of treatment, I started seeing less and less hair loss on my daily basis. I was happy (considering the fact of monthly and consistent treatment), that it was initially working well.

But, actually, Rogaine was hurting my health.

Although there were a high monthly investment and permanent use of hair treatment in order to keep my new hair strand, I started to experience more non-stop itching, skin dry flakes behind my earlobes and excessive dandruff. My dermatologist warned me that if I stopped Minoxidil, then all my hair will eventually fall. So, I got stuck with the treatment for several years despite experiencing side effects.

Dr. Maldonado suggested that I used any shampoo dandruff specifically created for dandruff. So I decided to try Head & Shoulder shampoo, but more and more hair was falling out. After several weeks of using the same shampoo, my hair continued to shed. My hair was still dry and frizzy. Then, I decided to change for different dandruff shampoos.

Yes! This is a pic of me and my lifeless, frizzy, uncontrolled hair.
Yes! This is a pic of me and my lifeless, frizzy, uncontrolled hair.

I tried various shampoos like Clairol Herbal Essence, Neutrogena T-Gel Therapeutic Shampoo, Mane ’n Tail, Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Oil, Selsun Blue, Nizoral and the list goes on. I’ve been doing this for more than a decade with no success as I continued searching for the right shampoo to stop hair loss and dandruff. None of the shampoos that I mentioned [including the prescribed ones] helped me cleared build-ups not stopped hair loss.
It would, actually just made my hair dry and difficult to manage. I even stopped using Rogaine. And yes, I started to lose great amount of new hair strands on a daily basis. My hair strands were everywhere. In my bathtub, floors, on my clothes, on my pillow. I couldn’t stand looking at my brush every time I brushed my hair. Even when I caressed my hair with my fingers, strands upon strands of hair were falling out at the slightest touch.

I cried… I even used to wash my hair only twice a week just to save my hair.

But observing a large mass of hair in the drain would lead me to wash my hair every single day assuming that dandruff has been ‘cured’. I just couldn’t figure it out. I just couldn’t understand how can I be suffering hair loss at a very young age. What I later discovered was that I have a family history of hair loss. My grandma, my aunts, uncles and my mother and even my brother – we all suffered the same problem.

How I Started My Holistic Lifestyle…

…and BOOM! My Hair Problem Finally Disappeared.

Soon after my first gynecological surgery for endometrioma, my mother suggested that I would seek a naturopath. And I set up my first naturopathic appointment with Dr. Ruben Marchand. After examining my eyes through Iridology method, Dr. Marchand identified that I have excessive anxiety, another cyst on my right ovary, arthritis, active thyroid and guts that needed some healing.

I was very much in shock about what he saw through mi iris because I have never revealed my health issues to him.
So, he created a list of foods that I should eat and shouldn’t eat. He suggested several natural supplements. I was very curious about all these recommendations and treatments which led me to ask him many questions.

I had so many questions about those recommendations and treatment. Especially, when he suggested I stopped eating chicken. So I decided to ask him in a surprised tone, “Why?”

His response blew my mind. He said that the foods that I shouldn’t be eating were disrupting my hormones. Wow! How could I never been told about the fact before? I actually used to eat fried and non-fried chickens quite often. And now I know it is one of the reasons why my hormones are screwed up.

I didn’t stopped there. I asked another question, “Why I shouldn’t eat tomatoes?”. He responded with a sweet smile, “They cause arthritis.”

I was still in shock with his responses and I got curious about my new sustainable lifestyle.
So, I bought the supplements from his store and other recommended products offered by my Naturopath and headed my way to home.

That’s me after I started my Crisocolla’s Hair Regain Protocol

After a month of using several treatments and foods recommended by my doctor, I decided to investigate the health benefits of each ingredient contained in each supplement.

And then …. I fell in love….
Yes, I fell in love with my new holistic lifestyle 💜.
I fell in love with everything related to wellness and health –and even my new eating habit.

I even lost weight. My hormones initially became normal and stable. My periods were once again regular lasting only 3 days every 28 days.

My Naturopath’s recommendations also helped lessen my anxiety and minimized the adverse effects of stress.
Fast forward, after I started studying health coaching, I began understanding more about the root causes of my hair loss (that natural supplements were not the only method to combat hair loss).

I decided to become my own scientist and created my own treatments for every health issues. And then, I started creating the first holistic treatment that has successfully led me to stop hair loss and regain new hair.

And this only took exactly 90 days to see several strands popping out of my head. Not only that, my hair grew – and still is – dramatically faster, but also promoting lots of volumes and thickness. Every day, people even strangers compliment about my hair.

So, ladies… here is my secret that I never share publicly before.
I’d love to call it as…

The Crisocolla’s Hair Regain Protocol**

**Psst! This Protocol is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please read the Disclaimer  before starting any treatment.

That’s a story how I cured my hair problem by completely changing my lifestyle.
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