Coconut Fruit Extract

Fresh coconut cut nearly in half, revealing the white meat insideIngredient - Coconut Extract (Cocos Nucifera Fruit Extract)

Scientific Background: Rooted in Science - Coconut extract is obtained from the creamy white flesh found inside the coconut. The process involves carefully grating or shredding the coconut meat, followed by soaking it in either water or alcohol. After rigorous filtration to eliminate any solids, the result is the highly prized coconut extract.

Plant Origin & Native Region - The coconut extract hails from tropical regions where the majestic coconut palm thrives. Its primary production hubs can be found in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean. Coconuts trace their beginnings to the Indo-Malayan region, encompassing modern-day Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Hair Specialty: Nourisher - Cocos Nucifera Fruit Extract is celebrated for its outstanding natural emollient properties, making it a sought-after ingredient for moisturizing and softening hair. This nourishing extract benefits both hair and scalp, thanks to its rich content of fatty acids that effectively hydrate and shield the hair. Acting as potent antioxidants, these fatty acids combat damage caused by free radicals. Furthermore, this extract supports healthy hair growth and plays a crucial role in fortifying the hair, minimizing breakage, and enhancing overall hair strength.



Menon, Renuka P., Kulkarni, Rekha A., & Chavan, Vikas K. (2017). Effect of Coconut Fruit Extract on Hair Hydration, Manageability, and Frizz: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Food Science & Nutrition, 5(1), 120-127.

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