Mango Butter

A vibrant, whole mango fruit next to a transparent glass bowl filled with medium-sized cubes of mango butter, and two upright slices of mango fruit playfully arranged like a smile.Ingredient - Mango Butter (Mangifera indica)

Scientific Background: Rooted in Scienc- Mango butter is a natural, non-greasy substance extracted from the seeds of the mango tree (Mangifera indica). Rich in fatty acids and a good source of vitamin A, it effortlessly absorbs into the hair, promoting easy application and deep nourishment.

Plant Origin & Native Region - Mango butter is derived from the mango tree, native to South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Hair Specialty: Emollient - Mango butter is celebrated for its emollient properties. It helps retain moisture in the hair, safeguarding it from damage by creating a protective seal. Additionally, it provides protection against free radical damage, ensuring hair well-being.



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